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What do StumpBusters do?

StumpBusters are specialists in tree stump removal. We grind out stumps using the most up to date machinery, called stump grinders. These machines literally grind the stump into chippings. This method is the most efficient way to destroy the stump while leaving the area ready for the next stage of garden design, replanting, fencing or building works. Contract work is also regularly undertaken for commercial operators including tree surgeons, landscapers, builders, local government, estate managers and utility contractors.

What happens to the chippings that are left?

StumpBusters reduce the stump to chippings that are mixed up with the soil in which the stump was standing. This valuable resulting 'mulch' is left in the tree stump hole for our customer to utilise (it can also be used as mulch elsewhere of course!) The ground can then be replanted immediately, turfed, or the mix can be used as an excellent alternative to other forms of weed-inhibiting mulch.

How much does it cost?

Costs are based upon the size and number of stumps to be removed. When requesting a quote, we need to have some idea of the number of stumps and a rough idea of how wide they are and how tall the stump is. We'll also ask about the available access, but don't worry if it's a tight squeeze or near a wall or structure - we have a wide range of machinery that can access just about any area. With the above information, StumpBusters can give you an accurate, 'no obligation' quote over the phone. Otherwise, your local StumpBuster will visit the site to assess and provide a quote.

How soon can you come to remove my stump?

StumpBusters try to be as flexible as we can. Work will usually be booked in within two weeks depending on the time of year. If you have a small stump then StumpBusters may ask you to wait a little longer until another job is being done in your area, which reduces the costs for everyone.

Do I need to be at home?

We only ever meet about half of our customers! Our reputation is such that customers are happy for us to carry out the work in their absence knowing that the work will be done efficiently with the minimum amount of ground disturbance and the area being left tidy.

Do StumpBusters do other tree work?

Our StumpBusters are dedicated to the efficient removal of tree stumps and do not get directly involved in any other aspect of tree work or garden maintenance. We would of course be happy to refer you to our network of local tree surgeons and contractors, which we can recommend based on personal experience of their quality and service.

Will the tree re-grow?

Usually any stump we remove is completely ground away and will not regrow. There are one or two exceptions, willow for example, that may send up the odd shoot from a piece of root; but even these can easily be managed with advice from StumpBusters.

What about Honey Fungus?

Honey Fungus (Armillaria mellea) is often referred to as the gardener's nightmare - please click here for more information on it.

I have a stump that is right up against a wall, can you help?

Don't worry - whatever the situation, StumpBusters has the answer. Our versatile machinery is ideal for inching right up to a wall, patio or other object that you do not want to have damaged in any way. StumpBusters can take out all signs of a stump literally to within millimetres of any structure without causing damage.

How much mess will be left?

StumpBusters pride ourselves in providing a service that leaves the customer completely happy with the work carried out, which includes leaving the area tidy after the operation is complete. StumpBusters use shields and boards to prevent the chippings going where they are not wanted.

What if my stump is in the back garden?

StumpBusters use very versatile equipment, which is motorised and self-propelled. With a wide range of machines, we can access any passageway - we really are 'access all areas'!

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